Let’s Change the World

We thought that introducing ourselves would be the best thing to start with. We are Synergia Effect. Synergia Effect is a budding non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that came to fruition out of the love for an active and healthy lifestyle, and the desire to turn that into a method for making the world a better place. Our mission is to support the health and medical welfare of the public through connecting and developing relationships among businesses, community members, and health and wellness institutions. We see the under served communities having equal access to the process of fundraising and resources available through Synergia Effect. It is our vision to allow local businesses in smaller communities to have the opportunity to synergistically connect with their members of their community; and to impact it’s members by providing for the general well-being of the whole. Through this App and the Internet any hospital, clinic or non profit organization can link up with us to receive assistance.

Currently, we are a team of two, Breanna Dobbe, CEO and Founder, and Howard Morrison, CFO and Co-Founder. Breanna was born and raised in Southern California before moving first to Connecticut and then to Rochester, New York for Undergraduate school where she studied Advertising Photography, Marketing, and Advertising and Public Relations. She also played three years of Varsity Hockey and one year of Varsity Rowing. After graduating she spent a year as a personal trainer before deciding to move back to California, the San Francisco Bay Area this time, to back to school for her Master’s in Advertising at the Academy of Art. It was during one of her final classes at the Academy where the idea for Synergia was created.  After going through a few iterations and a couple of name changes, here we are. Leading a healthy, active lifestyle is something Breanna thrives off of and believes in inspiring others to do the same.

Howard wishes to be a little more mysterious, but to make a tall (as he is 6′ 8″) story short, he has attended a number of schools and has received degrees in law, music, and is a licensed masseuse. His love of music, vocally and instrumentally, transcends all other interests. He is also in the process of writing his second book, participates in a local chorus group, and is multi-lingual including English, Spanish, Italian, and French to name a few.

We believe that Synergia will change the way we give back to charities and the communities in which we live. Through our app everyone will be able to aid in change whether they are running for a marathon, or walking to the gas station, riding their bike for exercise or teaching their child how to ride their bike for the first time. Every mile that is completed will turn into funds that will go to a chosen charity, or to an individual in need.

We are so excited and are currently awaiting word from the State of California for confirmation of acceptance as a 501(c)3. Please stay tuned and follow us on our journey!

Feel free to contact us for investor, business, or charitable relationships or support.


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