Health starts with children. 70% of early childhood deaths are caused by a preventable disease. Synergia Effect is committed to raise funds and awareness for healthy and active living, and as a part of the fundraising efforts, for every dollar raised through the Million Mile Pledge we will donate 50 cents to the Oakland Children’s Hospital.
In 2015 we started an effort to reach half a million miles. While we didn’t hit the goal of 500k miles, we are determined to hit double-or-nothing in 2016. We’ve refined how you can share your active experiences, and to spread the word.
It’s easy:
1. Go for a run, walk, swim, skate… get moving by doing something that can be measured by distance.
2. Take a picture along the way and post to Facebook or Instagram with the distance completed and #MillionMilePledge
Do this every time you get up and move and on the way to 1 million miles you’ll not only make yourself healthier, but you’ll be helping a child at the same time.
So every time you get out and move- whether it’s walking at work, during your training for a marathon, swimming, skateboarding… whatever it is, take picture, share it to Facebook or Instagram and add the #MillionMilePledge.



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