Health starts with children. 70% of early childhood deaths are caused by a preventable disease. Synergia Effect is committed to raise funds and awareness for healthy and active living, and as a part of the fundraising efforts, for every dollar raised through the Million Mile Pledge we will donate 50 cents to the Oakland Children’s Hospital.
In 2015 we started an effort to reach half a million miles. While we didn’t hit the goal of 500k miles, we are determined to hit double-or-nothing in 2016. We’ve refined how you can share your active experiences, and to spread the word.
It’s easy:
1. Go for a run, walk, swim, skate… get moving by doing something that can be measured by distance.
2. Take a picture along the way and post to Facebook or Instagram with the distance completed and #MillionMilePledge
Do this every time you get up and move and on the way to 1 million miles you’ll not only make yourself healthier, but you’ll be helping a child at the same time.
So every time you get out and move- whether it’s walking at work, during your training for a marathon, swimming, skateboarding… whatever it is, take picture, share it to Facebook or Instagram and add the #MillionMilePledge.



5 Day Kickstarter Countdown!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 2.10.27 PM

We’re in the final days of our first Kickstarter campaign. We’re only at $488 of our $30,000 goal, but we can still make it! If we can get 15 people to pledge $20 each, and then get 15 of their friends or family members to do the same we will hit our goal.

The Synergia App has the mission to change the face of charitable fundraising by allowing people like you to show your support for the health and wellness organizations that mean the most to you through everyday activity. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to make a difference. If you’re on your feet all day at work, grocery shopping with your kids, or training for cycling or running race, you will be able to turn on the Synergia App and have each mile you complete raise funds for causes such as diabetes, your local Children’s Hospital, or qualifying individuals that need assistance with medical bills or special equipment.

You can find more information on our How it Works page and to show your support through Kickstarter visit our campaign page. There are multiple pledge levels, and the more you can pledge the more prizes you will receive. Thank you in advance for your support! Help us get one step closer to Changing the World One Mile at a Time.

Get our app live through Kickstarter!

A quick reminder that our Kickstarter campaign is live. We’re at 5 pledges totaling $254 of our $30k goal. With 37 days to go we’re still hopeful to hit our goal. For those of you that have never used Kickstarter, all pledges receive a prize based on their pledge amount and will only be charged IF we hit our $30k goal AND the charge won’t happen until after March 6 once the campaign is over.

Please show your support and spread the word. All funds raised will go towards the development of our app and website.

2015 Relay for Life of San Ramon

We’ve formed a team for this years Relay for Life of San Ramon. What is Relay?

  • Organized, overnight community fundraising walk
  • Teams of people camp out around a track
  • Members of each team take turns walking around the track
  • Food, games and activities provide entertainment and build camaraderie
  • Family-friendly environment for the entire community

Because it’s a team event, individual participants are not required to be there the entire time. But it’s so much fun, you’ll find it hard to leave! Check out their website, or watch the video below to learn more about it.

We’re looking to have at least 48 walkers over the course of 24 walkers so we can always have someone on the track, and for the majority of the time they will have someone to walk with. Interested in joining our team to fight against cancer, and promote an active lifestyle? Visit our Relay Team page to join.

Relay for Life is offering a 2015 Relay for Life HOPE t-shirt for each team member that raises $100. Donate $50 directly to Synergia as part of our fundraising efforts and we will throw in a Synergia T-shirt, and donate $30 to the Relay for Life cause.

3-mile Group Run/Walk

RRS Run-12

Road Runner Sports has given us an amazing opportunity to grow our fundraising and outreach efforts. If we are able to put together 4 run/walks leaving from either their Berkeley or Concord store locations and have a minimum of 20 people attend each event, they will donate $1000 to Synergia! Not only are they offering this generous donation, but on the day of each event they will provide post-run bagels, coffee and orange juice, and their staff will analyze your gait to help find the perfect shoe for you. All attendees will also receive 10% off their purchase, VIP members will get 20% off.

Our first event is this Saturday at 9am from their Berkeley store. Whether you want to run the full 3 miles, or have a nice relaxing walk with the family and a four-legged friend, stop by to show your support. Road Runner Sports is supplying post-event bagels, coffee, and orange juice, and their staff will be available for gait analysis to help you find the perfect shoe.

RSVP here, or feel free to just swing by.

2015 Half Million Mile Pledge

HMM Pledge-01

We are very excited to announce one of our largest projects we have decided to take on in 2015. Team Synergia would like to introduce you to it’s Half a Million Mile Pledge. As a team the Synergia Effect Athletes will collectively run and walk a Half Million Miles within the next year. That’s just over 20 times around the world!

The Half Million Miles begins on January 1, 2015!! You will be able to follow us on our Facebook page. You will also be able to follow our progress on the website once it has been completed.

We currently have a team of 5 athletes working to reach this goal. Our goal is to develop a team of 200 athletes throughout the year. Our goal is to use this pledge as a way to raise the funds needed to build our mobile app, and to support our own cause in supporting individuals and medical/health organizations in financial need.

For every $1 raised we will give 20 cents to those in need.

So how can you get involved? We are reaching out to businesses and individuals to do a number of things either pledge a lump-sum amount, or pledge on a per mile basis.

Whether you are able to donate $10 for the entire year, or $1 per mile, you will be supporting us, the child in need of an inhaler or crutches, or a family with unplanned medical bills.

We have athletes scheduled to do a number of events including:

Ragnar Road Race: 202-mile 12-man team relay event Huntington Beach to San Diego, CA

Ragnar Trail Race: 200-mile ULTRA 4-man team relay in Zion National Park

Bay to Breakers: 10K Race in San Francisco, CA

Brazen New Years 5K   Lake Chabot, CA

Livermore Half Marathon Livermore, CA

The Town’s Half Marathon  Oakland, CA

Tough Mudder: Los Angeles, CA

Pending events include:

Seattle Half Marathon Seattle, WA

Nike Women’s Half Marathon  San Francisco, CA

Whether we are running a race or doing a recovery walk with a pet want to support and promote healthy living.

For every dollar you sponsor an athlete Synergia will put 20% towards an organization or individual in financial need. Help us on our Half Million Mile goal and support us on our journey.