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As 2015 continues and we have launched the Half Million Million Mile Pledge and, very soon, a Kickstarter campaign, we are looking for individuals to help us in a number of roles. All positions are unpaid, but work completed can be used as a tax write-off if desired. For more information visit the Volunteer page.

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We are also looking to share your stories about why being healthy and fit is important. Or, if you’re looking to make a change and are taking your first few steps, why do you want to make this change? We’d love to hear your stories.

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New Partnership with Road Runner Sports


Exciting news! We’ve partnered with Road Runner Sports of Berkeley and Concord! A little about them:

In September, 1983, Michael Gotfredson, fondly referred to as Mike G. or Chief Runner, founded Road Runner Sports to provide sports minded people like you with an alternative; the ability to buy quality fitness products at great prices. Back then, Road Runner Sports was just a garage space in Del Mar, California and on the first day of business, the lone employee took seven orders. 

Road Runner Sports now has distribution centers in San Diego, California, and Columbus, Ohio. Additionally, we have neighborhood retail stores throughout California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia and Virginia, with more on the way! Road Runner Sports’ size and locations may have changed, but the one thing that remains constant is our commitment to you, our customers, and your passion for running and fitness.

We’re working out a number of details and future events. One of the events we’re working with are their weekly group runs.

Make new running friends and earn FREE gear with Road Runner Sports Berkeley! Join us for a fun run from the store every Thursday at 6pm. The course will run along the Ohlone Greenway – a great route with limited traffic. All paces are welcome. Make sure to bring a headlamp or flashlight for the winter months and a water bottle if needed. Grab a Frequent Runner Card at any run to earn FREE gear and stay tuned for special runs throughout the year, including treats, giveaways and visits from your favorite vendors. RSVP here.

Keep following us for updates on group runs, sale opportunities, and other events. It’s one step closer to changing the the world one mile at a time!

2015 Half Million Mile Pledge

HMM Pledge-01

We are very excited to announce one of our largest projects we have decided to take on in 2015. Team Synergia would like to introduce you to it’s Half a Million Mile Pledge. As a team the Synergia Effect Athletes will collectively run and walk a Half Million Miles within the next year. That’s just over 20 times around the world!

The Half Million Miles begins on January 1, 2015!! You will be able to follow us on our Facebook page. You will also be able to follow our progress on the website once it has been completed.

We currently have a team of 5 athletes working to reach this goal. Our goal is to develop a team of 200 athletes throughout the year. Our goal is to use this pledge as a way to raise the funds needed to build our mobile app, and to support our own cause in supporting individuals and medical/health organizations in financial need.

For every $1 raised we will give 20 cents to those in need.

So how can you get involved? We are reaching out to businesses and individuals to do a number of things either pledge a lump-sum amount, or pledge on a per mile basis.

Whether you are able to donate $10 for the entire year, or $1 per mile, you will be supporting us, the child in need of an inhaler or crutches, or a family with unplanned medical bills.

We have athletes scheduled to do a number of events including:

Ragnar Road Race: 202-mile 12-man team relay event Huntington Beach to San Diego, CA

Ragnar Trail Race: 200-mile ULTRA 4-man team relay in Zion National Park

Bay to Breakers: 10K Race in San Francisco, CA

Brazen New Years 5K   Lake Chabot, CA

Livermore Half Marathon Livermore, CA

The Town’s Half Marathon  Oakland, CA

Tough Mudder: Los Angeles, CA

Pending events include:

Seattle Half Marathon Seattle, WA

Nike Women’s Half Marathon  San Francisco, CA

Whether we are running a race or doing a recovery walk with a pet want to support and promote healthy living.

For every dollar you sponsor an athlete Synergia will put 20% towards an organization or individual in financial need. Help us on our Half Million Mile goal and support us on our journey.

“How Running Changed My Life”

Walter is part of Team Synergia- a group of individuals that believe in healthy living and an active lifestyle. They also believe they can use their active living to change the lives of the world around them. Knowing Walter for a short period of time we would have never guessed how far he has come. Read his story and we hope that you will be as inspired as we are.
“How running has changed my life.” by Walter C.
     One morning in September of 2012 I walked up the stairs to my office and nearly fainted. I had been in the IT Industry for nearly 12 years, and I had become what I like to call a cubicle slave. That September morning I had to have my neighbor help me to the couch just 6-8 feet away because she thought I was going to have a heart attack. So did I.
I was eating fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between meals I was snacking on energy drinks, power lunches complete with wine, and huge amounts of red meat. At one point I hit nearly 230lbs of something-waiting-to-happen.
I felt awful and I started to pay more attention to what my wife was doing. My lovely wife has always been healthier and more driven than I have ever been, and she has always actively tried to improve her fitness. It took me a long time to make changes that were needed, but I knew at that point, that something needed to be done.
     In December of 2012 I was walking out to the lake near my home and I came across a sign that read, “Team In Training – join us and save lives by training for a marathon.” I am not sure what made me pick up the phone, but I am glad I did. I clearly remember hearing the half or full options, and I had NO clue what that really meant. I chose the half distance, which seemed monumental to me, and I signed up on the spot. I called again two to three days asking when my mentor was going to call- I wanted to get started today. When I received that call from my mentor, Jennifer Kling, was so happy that I must have rambled on for who knows how long. I was exhilarated to know I was part of this new ‘thing’, even though I had no clue what it actually was. I know that it wasn’t just my body that needed to make a change; my entire life needed to change.
     I started to train with the Team in Training, and I met some of the most amazing people I had ever met. I met so many committed people that it immediately impacted my life. I made the choice then that I would do ALL I could to do as well as everyone else, and take full advantage of the coaches. Coaches Tim Corliss, Gary Landberg, and Brandon Laurie were simply bad a$$. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight, but I wanted to feel as healthy and fit as they did, and run as they did. 
    My wife started to improve our quality of food at home, and she came to realize the importance of nutrition for both our goals. We started to use an amazing food fuel system which fit our lifestyle completely. The rest is history.
I ran my first 26.2 distance Marathon last October with Team in Training. I am now 74lbs lighter, feel better than when I was an athlete in my 20s, and I am a much happier and healthier person, inside and out. Since then I have also joined iRun Revolution, “a division of PAW-tay, LLC. We All Run For Something. No One Runs Alone. We are committed to providing products and services that enrich the lives of both humans and their four-legged counterparts”. I love the way we all stay in touch and inspire each other.
     I love my new life; I left my IT career January 2014 and I recently received my Certification as a Personal Trainer. The possibilities are endless. My wife and I are 90% vegans; I still love my eggs and fish. We cook all our own meals, eat organic, and will never look back.
     I have said this many times: I am not exceptional in any way. But, I am full of inspiration by my peers and the athletes which I admire. I am also inspired by the knowledge that we can all change our lives, and not allow ourselves to fall victim to sitting in a cube, a couch, a car – and letting a sedimentary life develop into diabetes, or heart conditions, or worse: allowing our children to become victims because we aren’t setting examples.

Are you a carnivore? Learn more about the meat you’re eating.


Today was the first of four articles diving into the factory vs farm-raised meat industry. Today’s topic was the difference between factory and farm-raised animals. Over the next few days we’ll be looking at what it means to be farm-raised, health considerations for factory-farmed meats, and healthy alternatives to factory-raised meats.

Other upcoming topics include what the term “organic” really means, incorporating calorie counting, eating disorders, general health topics such as body types, body fat, and hormones, fitness how-to’s, and common health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and anxiety and stress.

What sorts of topics do you want to learn more about? Let us know!

New blog for health, wellness and fitness topics!

Blog Snapshot


We have decided to start revamping the website to better suit our current site needs. Until then have started a new blog where we will be hosting a number of health, fitness, and wellness articles. Check them out as we’ll have a new post daily. If there is anything in particular that you want to know about let us know and we would be happy to add it to our list of topics.


The Learn Section Officially Launched!

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Thanks to one of our volunteer writers, Krissy Graun, we have officially launched our Learn Section of the website. Her article on Omega-3’s kicks off the Nutrition section. We’re excited and so grateful for all of the recent requests to join our volunteer writing team.

Our goal is to be a knowledgeable, go-to source for topics covering a variety of categories including: General Health, Cancers and Illnesses, Women’s and Men’s Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and more.

Stay tuned for more submissions and check out Krissy’s article here, and learn more about Krissy herself!

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Roars

We came across this article in doing a little reading about cancer patients finding inspiration in music. 10 year-old Morgan Platt was diagnosed with a brain tumor, glioblastoma multiforme, in June 2011, and has been fighting rounds of chemotherapy and radiation since her diagnosis. Music does a lot of things for people, and helping them find hope during one of the most trying and emotional times of their lives is one of the strongest. We hope you find it as inspiring and heart felt as we did.