“How Running Changed My Life”

Walter is part of Team Synergia- a group of individuals that believe in healthy living and an active lifestyle. They also believe they can use their active living to change the lives of the world around them. Knowing Walter for a short period of time we would have never guessed how far he has come. Read his story and we hope that you will be as inspired as we are.
“How running has changed my life.” by Walter C.
     One morning in September of 2012 I walked up the stairs to my office and nearly fainted. I had been in the IT Industry for nearly 12 years, and I had become what I like to call a cubicle slave. That September morning I had to have my neighbor help me to the couch just 6-8 feet away because she thought I was going to have a heart attack. So did I.
I was eating fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between meals I was snacking on energy drinks, power lunches complete with wine, and huge amounts of red meat. At one point I hit nearly 230lbs of something-waiting-to-happen.
I felt awful and I started to pay more attention to what my wife was doing. My lovely wife has always been healthier and more driven than I have ever been, and she has always actively tried to improve her fitness. It took me a long time to make changes that were needed, but I knew at that point, that something needed to be done.
     In December of 2012 I was walking out to the lake near my home and I came across a sign that read, “Team In Training – join us and save lives by training for a marathon.” I am not sure what made me pick up the phone, but I am glad I did. I clearly remember hearing the half or full options, and I had NO clue what that really meant. I chose the half distance, which seemed monumental to me, and I signed up on the spot. I called again two to three days asking when my mentor was going to call- I wanted to get started today. When I received that call from my mentor, Jennifer Kling, was so happy that I must have rambled on for who knows how long. I was exhilarated to know I was part of this new ‘thing’, even though I had no clue what it actually was. I know that it wasn’t just my body that needed to make a change; my entire life needed to change.
     I started to train with the Team in Training, and I met some of the most amazing people I had ever met. I met so many committed people that it immediately impacted my life. I made the choice then that I would do ALL I could to do as well as everyone else, and take full advantage of the coaches. Coaches Tim Corliss, Gary Landberg, and Brandon Laurie were simply bad a$$. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight, but I wanted to feel as healthy and fit as they did, and run as they did. 
    My wife started to improve our quality of food at home, and she came to realize the importance of nutrition for both our goals. We started to use an amazing food fuel system which fit our lifestyle completely. The rest is history.
I ran my first 26.2 distance Marathon last October with Team in Training. I am now 74lbs lighter, feel better than when I was an athlete in my 20s, and I am a much happier and healthier person, inside and out. Since then I have also joined iRun Revolution, “a division of PAW-tay, LLC. We All Run For Something. No One Runs Alone. We are committed to providing products and services that enrich the lives of both humans and their four-legged counterparts”. I love the way we all stay in touch and inspire each other.
     I love my new life; I left my IT career January 2014 and I recently received my Certification as a Personal Trainer. The possibilities are endless. My wife and I are 90% vegans; I still love my eggs and fish. We cook all our own meals, eat organic, and will never look back.
     I have said this many times: I am not exceptional in any way. But, I am full of inspiration by my peers and the athletes which I admire. I am also inspired by the knowledge that we can all change our lives, and not allow ourselves to fall victim to sitting in a cube, a couch, a car – and letting a sedimentary life develop into diabetes, or heart conditions, or worse: allowing our children to become victims because we aren’t setting examples.