Fitness & Health Specialist

Synergia Effect is a budding non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that came to fruition out of the love for an active and healthy lifestyle, and the desire to turn that into a method for making the world a better place. Our mission is to support the health and medical welfare of the public through connecting and developing relationships among businesses, community members, and health and wellness institutions. We see the under served communities having equal access to the process of fundraising and resources available through Synergia Effect. It is our vision to allow local businesses in smaller communities to have the opportunity to synergistically connect with their members of their community; and to impact it’s members by providing for the general well being of the whole. Upon accessing through the Internet, any hospital, clinic or non profit organization can link up with us to receive assistance.

Synergia Effect will be an iOS/Android application that will allow users to turn their everyday physical activities into charitable donations. For every mile a user walks, runs or bikes they will earn a specified amount of money for the charity of their choice. With this application they will be able to:

  • Choose the charity and cause that means the most to them
  • Earn and raise money for organization
  • Track and review the amount of funds they have raised and the distance they have completed
  • Track and manage their exercise routes
  • View participating businesses and charities
  • Watch Videos connected to the Synergia cause
  • Manage their application account
  • Utilize E-commerce page


Synergia Effect seeks to change how people, businesses and organizations live, fundraise, and give back to their community. As the Fitness & Health Specialist, you will be both the voice and the face of our YouTube Channel.

We are seeking recent graduates who can start immediately, are seeking national exposure and an amazing resume and portfolio builder. As we build our audience base and fundraising continues for the mobile application, we will utilize our YouTube channel as a means to reach customers and businesses through our knowledge of the industry and why it is important to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Synergia aims to not only provide a tool for fundraising and encourage active living, but to also educate the community.


  • Education Degree, or comparable experience, in health and fitness
  • In depth knowledge of health and fitness as it relates to both the general public and special needs communities
  • Working with a individuals on a variety of health & fitness levels
  • Ability to write clearly, cohesively, and in a way that all audiences will be able to understand and be engaged
  • Engaging, energetic, and passionate about health and wellness
  • Knowledge of the nonprofit community a plus but not required
  • Ability to provide creative suggestions with videographer and owners to make a more successful channel
  • A desire to make a difference and change how people live and work in their community


  • Research and write engaging articles on a variety of health and fitness topics
  • Engage users and the public through content and quality of information in health & fitness
  • Be the voice for Synergia’s YouTube Channel
  • Aid in the development of Video channel strategy
  • Talk and demonstrate as necessary in front of camera


Please include the following in your application:

• Cover Letter

• Résumé


This position is a non-monetary compensation position and will be an excellent resume and portfolio builder. This position is also able to be used for school credit. We are willing to provide professional references. We are planning to hire for this position permanently within a planned period of time.

Interested in this position? Please send the requested products to with ‘Fitness and Health Specialist’ as the subject line. Thanks and we can’t wait to see some great work!


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