Mobile Application Developer

Synergia Effect is a budding non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that came to fruition out of the love for an active and healthy lifestyle, and the desire to turn that into a method for making the world a better place. Our mission is to support the health and medical welfare of the public through connecting and developing relationships among businesses, community members, and health and wellness institutions. We see the under served communities having equal access to the process of fundraising and resources available through Synergia Effect. It is our vision to allow local businesses in smaller communities to have the opportunity to synergistically connect with their members of their community; and to impact it’s members by providing for the general well being of the whole. Through this App and the Internet any hospital, clinic or non profit organization can link up with us to receive assistance.

We are looking for an energetic, self-starting designer that is looking for an opportunity to create the visual face of our company. This is a remote position, and the chosen designer will meet with the founders weekly to discuss goals for the upcoming week, review work, and determine the next steps to move forward. We are looking to launch the App in the upcoming months via Google Play and the Apple iTunes Store. The designer will also be interacting with mobile and web developers as we bring the Synergia App to life.

Synergia Effect will be an iOS/Android application that will allow users to turn their everyday physical activities into charitable donations. For every mile a user walks, runs or bikes they will earn a specified amount of money for the charity of their choice. This application allows them to:

  • Choose the charity and cause that means the most to them
  • Earn and raise money for that organization
  • Track and manage their exercise routes
  • Check-in at participating locations to receive deals and promotions
  • Manage their application account via an online web portal
  • Purchase Synergia Effect products


Synergia Effect seeks to change how people, businesses and organizations live, fundraise, and give back to their community.

As a mobile developer, you’ll be building the Synergia Effect’s application from the ground up. We will provide beautifully designed visuals for you to turn into a live application that is anticipated to be used across the country for any activity that can be measured by distance. An in depth UX and Technical requirement document will also be provided.

We are seeking recent or near graduates who can start immediately, are seeking national exposure and an amazing resume and portfolio builder. Time is of the essence and seek to produce and implement a beautiful and working application in a quick, yet effective time frame.


  • Develop engaging mobile application
  • Work tightly with a graphic designer & the company founders
  • Play an integral part in shaping mobile strategy going forward
  • Aid in developing the best user experience in conjunction with business & charity involvement


  • Project/Portfolio examples of iOS and Android development
  • Knowledge of iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace
  • Graphically oriented with strong attention to detail and UI elements preferred
  • Degree in Computer Science or similar  technical degree or equivalent experience
  • Front and Back-end Web development an excellent skill
  • Knowledge and ability to implement e-commerce
  • The know-how and discipline to test his or her own code
  • Receive and learn from constructive criticism

Interested in this position? Please send the requested information to


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